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Dust to Gold
Shrine Collective - links to all below.
Ajora Glabados shrine, covers Ajora/Altima, and touches on Lucavi. FFT Spoilers.
Flickering Flames
Loki of Valkyrie Profile, oldest shrine and most complete. VP spoilers.
Time of Truth
Small Indalecio shrine - massive Star Ocean 2 spoilers.

Welcome to the Ichor Angelus Network! So named for Altima, the bloody [ichor] angel [angelus].
Ajora: A man who was the basis of the Glabados Church formed by his disciples.  Executed by the Holy Empire Yudora as a traitor. [FF Tactics]

Jan 13 05 :: And almost 2500 hits in, Mintaka revamps iaN again.  PHP-driven excitement, with a new [Desolation Angel] coming up. [DA] will now be a part of the main network site as an addon to this page, but not.  :B!  All ajora.net outbound links cna be found there.

And much love and snuggles to my fiance for the coding.  Because I STILL don't fully grasp this stuff.  I concept, he codes.  <3

iaN Gift Art: 500 hits :: Altima

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